Member Information Update

Posted by Mississauga Aquatic Club on Apr 21 2019 at 12:09PM PDT

Member Information Update

AGM Update: The AGM has been rescheduled.
New date: Thursday May 23rd
Location and time: ERIN MEADOWS Community Centre, 7pm

Further Information:

1. The Annual General Meeting will provide the members with reports from the Board, Staff, Financial Information and planning for next year. The AGM will also address and vote on any motions made by members as well as have our elections for the Board of Directors. If you have given someone a Proxy – they will be able to vote on all of these items on your behalf.

2. There are no scheduled Town Hall Meetings at this time. The club will confirm whether or not the Town Hall meeting scheduled on May 9th will take place.

3. The administration work with all areas of the club and will help facilitate the AGM. The administration have been asked to keep a neutral position in order to assist fairly with the AGM and the elections. Swim Ontario have appointed two scrutineers for our election. They have also recommended the use of a parliamentarian as a non-biased third party to assist the club and its members.

5. A Proxy can be found on the website under the ‘Parents’ ‘AGM tab’ along with other information from the Board of Directors regarding the AGM. Proxies should be brought to the meeting and not given ahead of time to anyone other than the person for whom you wish to vote on your behalf. Members have distributed ‘unofficial’ proxies using the MSSAC logo without permission. The club will be guided by the advice of a Parliamentarian whether or not we will accept these at the AGM. This decision will be posted shortly. Please be aware of what you are signing. IF you have signed a proxy and would like it invalidated please send an email to and

4. The best situation for the club will be for all members to cast their own vote after hearing information from all parties and making their own decision. There has been information distributed and disseminated from Coaches, High Performance Parents, Board Members, Staff, Alumni etc. We will not comment on it as it is your duty to decide on what you feel is factual and appropriate given the situation. The administration staff have been advised to uphold a professional position of neutral.

5. Any member in good standing can attend the AGM and vote. If your account is not in good standing, you will not be able to attend the AGM or vote and any proxy on your behalf will be invalid.